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January 2015

There they were, alleged pornographic computer images. But wait – were the images of actual persons or were they computer generated?

Did the “people” depicted actually exist?

The U.S. Supreme Court held more than a decade ago that “virtual pornography” is not illegal but rather free speech, protected under the First Amendment. Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (2002). The rational is that virtual people cannot be harmed, whereas, real people can be. Pascazi Law Offices made use of this landmark U.S. Supreme Court case for the benefit of their client. The issue of what is or is not a computer generated image (“CGI”), using today’s technology, is very often far from clear.

Should you, a loved one or a friend become involved with a criminal prosecution, seek competent legal advice as soon as possible. Attorney Pascazi would also like to hear about it. Pascazi Law Offices PLLC represents persons that are charged with crimes. Innocent until proven guilty!

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