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Pascazi Law Offices handles Traffic Tickets work.


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Pascazi Law Offices PLLC, Michael S. Pascazi, Esq., Managing Member, handles all aspects of traffic tickets and speeding tickets; from ticket issuance, plea bargaining, pre-trial discovery, pre-trial motions, through trial, if necessary.

Why should I always fight a traffic ticket?

If you choose not to fight your ticket, you will be admitting your guilt, be required to pay a fine, and often pay a high State surcharge. Very often a conviction will add costly points to your driving record, and your car insurance rates will skyrocket. Why go this route when you can hire an attorney to fight for you or plea bargain your ticket down? Even in tough cases, a lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced to where they do not add points to your driving record or affect your car insurance.

What does an attorney’s fee buy me?

By hiring a lawyer, you may avoid the hassle and costs of a possible DMV administrative suspension associated with points on your driving record. If you allow points to accumulate on your driving record, it may even result in a license suspension or revocation!

Hiring a lawyer may also save you insurance money. When points are added to a driver's record, insurance rates frequently go up. Insurance rates often stay up for three years. Fighting your ticket will help keep your insurance rates low!

Furthermore, by hiring a lawyer you engage someone who knows the ins and outs of the system. The lawyer handles the correspondence. The lawyer does the negotiating. The lawyer stands up in court for you. There is the implied threat that your case may have to go to trial. You do not really know how to try a case. Not that a speeding ticket trial for instance is all that difficult, but you do not know what the cop is supposed to say, what evidence he is supposed to have or what discovery you are entitled to before trial. More importantly, you do not represent a true threat at trial.

Moreover, you do not really know how to plea bargain. What do you say? What do you ask for? It varies from place to place. In some courts, you bargain with the cop that wrote the ticket; and in others you negotiate with the special prosecutor. Also, you do not know what kind of plea deal is common place, or what kind would be acceptable to the judge. Will the judge accept a plea to a parking ticket in lieu of a speeding ticket for instance? Some will and some will not. You have no idea what you are leaving on the table!

Traffic Ticket Attorney Fishkill & Wappingers NYLet Attorney Pascazi Fight Every Traffic Ticket for You!

Attorney Pascazi says: Fight every ticket because it is an odds game. There are the odds of getting a ticket in the first place. There are the odds of being pulled over by a good cop versus a bad cop. There are the odds of winning at trial, if there is ever a trial. And finally there are the odds of getting a great plea deal. The bottom line is that if you are not in the game, the odds can never cut your way.

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